Chris Davies

Foredrag: Chris Davies
Tid: Onsdag 15. november kl. 18:00-19:30

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Sted: Interfoto

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På sykkelekspedisjon i det sørvestlige USA
Chris Davies is a travel and adventure sport photographer living in North Wales in the UK. He is also the creative director and chief drone pilot for Eastwood Media. His work takes him all over the world shooting photos and making films for adventure brands and tourism.

Chris is going to talk about a three week solo trip he took exploring the South West region of the USA on a mission to ride the famous mountain bike trails to understand what makes them so good. Chris documented the trip with amazing pictures of what he found on the way, the friends he met and the memories he has.

Chris also has the special role of being on of the Pilots on DJI’s World Rally Championship drone team. Chris is going to tell us all about the challenges he faces and what is takes to get the epic shots of rally cars as they race through the forests of Wales.