Ulla Lohmann

Foredrag: Ulla Lohmann
Tid: Lørdag 18. november kl. 17:00-18:00

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Sted: Interfoto

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Bli med Ulla på steder hvor ingen fotograf har vært tidligere
Since she was 18 ,Ulla Lohmann has travelled the South Pacific and he has lived many unique stories. She will take us to a foreign world, full of surprises, which has become her second home. The journey will start in the middle of the ocean, in the Marquesas and lead from Tasmania to Papua New Guinea. Finally, our journey leads to Vanuatu, where Ulla has realized a lifelong dream: To abseil deep inside an active volcano and be at a place of the planet, where nobody else has been before.

National Geographic photographer Ulla Lohmann is a Canon ambassador and we promised you a great experience and a chance to be super inspired and start dreaming a bit.


(c) Ulla Lohmann
(c) Ulla Lohmann/Red Bull Media House
(c) Ulla Lohmann